Mesa servo connection

06 Jan 2019 11:51 #123598 by chris@cnc
Hello Forum,
i want connect one servo motor on the mesa 7i76e board. Motor specification
36V; 6A; driver and encoder include. Connect to ENA+/-, DIR +/-, PUL+/- and power from external power unit.
Position loop 200HZ. For my understand i can give every 5ms puls to position hold right?
Is this with the mesa 7i76e possible and what can i do if i need more as one encoder feedback?
In the future i want build a closed loop control maybe with scale and two servos for one axis. Depend on the accuracy.
Or have someone another idea for that case?

Thank you Christian

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06 Jan 2019 21:04 #123641 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic Mesa servo connection
That will work.
As for the encoder feedback, you have some choices but you need another Mesa card to wire the encoders. 7i76E has connectors for two more Mesa 25 pin boards so it can be easily expanded.
Or you might be able to use the already included spindle encoder, but there is only one such high speed encoder input on the 7i76E.

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