Issues with hsd 915 and delta ms300 at lower rpms

21 Jul 2023 20:08 #275972 by JJ48_24
Today I had an issue with a carbide drill stalling in some copper. My spindle maxes out at 24k rpm and hits a max power of 3.8kw at 12k rpm and has a linear power curve down to 0 rpm. I was attempting to take a ~700w cut at 6k rpm and the spindle stalled. However, based on the power curves of the spindle I should have 1.9kw of power at this speed. I currently have the spindle configured in sensorless vector control mode. Does the spindle handle power curves differently, and if so how would I reconfigure the power curves on the vfd to match that of the spindle?

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24 Jul 2023 13:39 #276153 by andypugh
I am assuming that your 700W is based on a feeds and speed calculator?
For a 6mm drill I get about the same numbers for a 6mm drill in FSWizard.

It may be that the VFD V/F curve is configured incorrectly for the spindle (it might be using something more advanced than V/F, but the equivalent in the scheme it is using)
You might need to look at the relationship between VFD current limit and frequency in the VFD setup.

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