Wiring diagram Absolute Encoder Delta B3 series (EtherCAT drive)

06 Feb 2024 19:54 #292680 by bob8020
Hi All, building 3rd CNC with LinuxCNC (of course) and using EtherCAT... this is working perfectly with Beckhoff for fieldbus and MPG, four Delta EtherCAT B3 drives (gantry with XX).

I'm stuck at wiring the 400w motor with Absolute Encoder.

Yaskawa has a very nice wiring diagram for their servo + absolute encoder which clearly shows how to make up your own encoder cable (shielded, motion cable, three pair).  Shown below.  But maybe wrong for Delta?

Delta (and AutomationDirect SureServo2) both show a sketch of their cables in user manual, one end is the 9 pin TE connector on the motor, the other end is a Firewire IEEE 6-pin with plastic shell for helping it to not fall out.  And they show that cable for incremental encoders, and again with a little battery box pigtail at the servo end so you can plug in a lithium 3.6v battery to keep the absolute position while power is off.

So that's great right up to "so where, exactly, do the wires in the Delta cable go?  Well, T+ and T- are pretty obvious, a shielded twisted pair from Firewire connector to Encoder connector.

But what about the +5/gnd and +Bat -Bat wires?

Maybe for the absolute case, only T+ and T- connect from the servo, and only the battery box goes to Bat+ and Bat- on the encoder...

And the 5v from servo is ONLY for incremental (no battery box).

Anyone figure this out?

The Yasakawa diagram below is just so nice... but could be totally wrong for Delta.  Oh and AutomationDirect seems to not sell any absolute encoder cables.

[img]https://solutioncenter.yaskawa.com/Platform/Publishing/images/Encoder Wiring.png[/img]

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08 Feb 2024 22:55 #292890 by bob8020
SOLVED, wiring is actually very simple.

Servo to Encoder one shielded twisted pair, T+ T- for encoder data

If Incremental encoder: one pair +5v brn/blu Servo to Encoder +5 pins

If Absolute encoder: one pair Bat+ Bat- from battery box to Encoder Bat+ Bat-

So if you know which kind of encoder you have, you only need two pairs in expensive shielded flex cable.

If you have an absolute encoder and want it to work with missing or dead battery, add a third pair to bring 5v brn/blu from Servo to Motor, it will still use battery when power is off.

Figured out by buzzing out an actual Delta cable.
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