H-Squared / Meistergram PC912/S hookup? any idea?

23 Jul 2009 03:45 #612 by ratgod
Hi There,
I am very new to linux CNC and would like to get my CNC machine to work.

I currently have a demo version of Engrave98 running for it, but I would like to have it working in Linux so I can have more control of it as the Engrave98 software is very limited.

I am currently trying it out by live booting a disc burnt with this image: ubuntu-8.04-desktop-emc2-aj13-i386.iso (hope that helps with version info)

The controller box has a Serial connection to the PC, it has inside an 8086 processor with an 8087 co-processor. on the back it says H-Squared PC912/S

The table itself is 3 axis and has "PC912/S" written on the front

unfortunatly I cannot find much information about this setup other than what I have given above,

if its any help, the control box has 18x TIP102 Darlingtons.

Does anyone know what driver I should be using from the list that comes with emc or could anyone help me to write one?

many thanks

Peter M

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23 Jul 2009 12:34 #615 by BigJohnT
I'm pretty sure you will not get your current hardware to work with EMC. EMC controls the drivers in real time and can not do that over a serial link AFAIK. If your machine has steppers you would have to get some drivers that take step and direction inputs and connect them to a PC with EMC. If it is servos that is a bit more complicated.


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