Not sure if I picked the right drive?

14 Apr 2011 11:45 - 14 Apr 2011 14:23 #8896 by greeder88
I have my Bridgeport mill about ready to try for the first time.
Just about ready to flip the switch on my Bridgeport Series 2 mill conversion if I can get the visions of "Sparks shooting out from every connection" out of my head.
I have years of experience in cnc milling even repair however what I know about electricity can fill one little sticky note if I double space.

What I have is the Pico Universal Pwm set up with these little tiny drives good to 20 amps.
My motors are Cont. Stall Torque- 26lb/in 11.7A which I think is under the drives 20A rating. However the max spec on the motor is 112V 65A.
To make me more apprehensive is the fact that the only working machine with videos similar to mine is Egor Chudov's series 2 Bridgeport with large looking AMC 30A8 drives.

In the back of my head is a voice saying "Don't flip that switch".
Am I worrying needlessly or could I be driving a Smart Car in a demolition derby?

Can anyone tell if these are going to do the job or will I be posting on Ebay soon?
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14 Apr 2011 19:12 #8913 by andypugh
A motor can't harm a drive. The drive will feed as much current as it is told to, at the voltage it is supplied with.

You can certainly kill a motor with a drive, but all that will happen with a motor which is too big for the drive is that the motor will lack power.

It sounds to me like your drives are right for the job to me. Flick that switch. (but leave the couplings or belts off for the time being, until you are sure that the motors spin the right way and the PID can control them.)

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