A better Alibre CAM Post processor (VisualMill)

18 Jun 2011 18:07 - 18 Jun 2011 18:08 #10608 by zarthcode
Mecsoft and alibre support weren't much help when it comes to documenting the post processor format. Nor did they seem interested in EMC2. So I took it upon myself to improve upon EMC-Sherline-Inch to produce this "EMC2-Inch" post for alibre cam. Changes include:

* Removed line numbers, per EMC2 guidelines.

* G02/G03 arc support using the EMC2 preferred format - (Take advantage by going to "Machine Preferences" and disabling the options to convert arcs to linear moves. I have yet to test helical/spiral moves. I also haven't removed the 180 deg limit, yet.)

* G43Hxx is called automatically after a tool change, to load the proper value from the tool table.

* G40 is now called at the beginning of the program.

If you find this post useful, let me know. I'll continue to post any improvements.

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19 Jun 2011 21:43 #10629 by andypugh
Thanks for this. I don't actually use AlibreCAM at the moment (but I do own it) so this might be handy in the future.

You might want to announce it on the mailing list, and possibly add an entry to the Wiki.

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