21 Dec 2013 01:10 #41876 by bill516
Inkscape was created by bill516
Dont if it me or if its a bug in the software. I have made some gears using the inkscape gears and g code tools and they all came
out not round. Thinking I was not paying attention to the drawings in inkscape I redrew them and recoded them using fengrave and dxf2gcode still they came out wrong. I started thinking it was my machine but then I have cut some holes with it and they were round so had another think. Last night while playing around I create a circle or gear with gear tools and set the size 20.7mm for both height and width on the tool bar. I then used the rotate tool set to10deg multiple times and the dimensions for the circle or gear change as it rotates till its done a complete circle then it back to the dimensions I set.

Am I doing it wrong or have a hit a bug.


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21 Dec 2013 14:58 #41895 by captain chaos
Replied by captain chaos on topic Inkscape
Hi bill516,
Inkscape gears looks quite involved, I have not used it but I do use F-Engrave.

I have good results with CamBam's gear cutting feature, you may want to look at that.

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