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20 Jun 2015 03:41 - 20 Jun 2015 03:49 #60005 by BigJohnT
After forgetting to set the voltage for the thc componet for the upteenth time and hating the spin box and complaining on the IRC that I needed to set a pin from G code cradek came to my rescue and made a comment that sent me down the path to discover how to do just that.

Setting the pin was dead easy as it is a float pin so using M68 I set the pin value at the start of the G code file.
# reads the volts setting from the G code M68 E0 Q
net volts-requested thc-pid.volts-requested <= motion.analog-out-00

The hard part was getting SheetCam to post the voltage on the M68 E0 Q. I opened up the post file and after hours and hours of guessing what lula is I finally got the answer.
function OnNewOperation()
   post.Text ("(Process: ", operationName, ")\n")
   VoltsStart = string.find(operationName, "v") - 2
   VoltsEnd = string.find(operationName, "v") - 1
   Volts = string.sub(operationName, VoltsStart, VoltsEnd)
   post.Text ("M68 E0 Q", Volts, "\n")
   if (plungeRate <= 0) then
      post.Warning("WARNING: Plunge rate is zero")
   if (feedRate <= 0) then
      post.Warning("WARNING: Feed rate is zero")

My "Tool Name" looks like this:
FC 16ga 40a 79v

So what I did is find the v then make a substring from the string with just the volts and concatenated that onto the M68 E0 Q

The resulting G code output of OnNewOperation is
(Part: 12v Dual USB Bracket)
(Process: Outside Offset, 0, T10: FC 16ga 40a 79v)
M68 E0 Q79

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21 Jun 2015 13:33 #60030 by Rick G
Replied by Rick G on topic SheetCam Plasma Post Magic
That's neat John!

Rick G
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