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22 Nov 2016 23:23 #83149 by Askjerry
I wanted to experiment with using a LASER on my small CNC machine. The thought being that I could engrave some text using vectors, then cut out the part with a conventional endmill.

It occurred to me that some of these 5W solid-sate laser modules have a power connection, and a trigger connection. Connect a key-switch to the power for safety, and all you have to do is use DIGITAL OUT 0 as the trigger to fire the laser.

I pulled up a post processor for a plasma cutter... and I modified it so that the following occur...
  • TOOL 0 is selected.
  • The Z-Axis does not move during the engraving.
  • The laser only fires where a "cut" would normally be made.
  • The machine returns to G0X0Z0 upon completion.

Initial testing looks good... if you have Aspire / Vectric and you want to try it out... I'm attaching the PP (Post Processor) file to this post. I set up my design... select a bogus "Endmill" that is set at the proper feed, a "diameter" of 0.2mm, and a max "cut depth" of 20mm.

Then I simply tell it to PROFILE the CENTER of the line... and it makes the moves as if I were to cut it.
I set the "depth of cut" to 1mm, and the clearance to 5mm. Seems to work great. (I'm simulating with an LED at the moment... will purchase a LASER module shortly.)

My making three psudo-endmills... I can set three feed rates for dark, medium, and light, (In theory) then have it draw in three line types. Once I get some actual engraving... I'll revisit this post and add pictures/video.

For now... here is the file.

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File Name: LASER-LinuxCNC.tar.gz
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And here is a test file created with it...

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File Name: LASERSIM.ngc
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Comments welcome. ~ Jerry

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