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10 Jan 2017 13:41 - 10 Jan 2017 13:52 #85568 by BigJohnT
Native Cam Plasma was created by BigJohnT
Hi Fern,

I hope you see this topic. I think Native Cam Plasma is pretty cool. As a CAM program it seems more fitting to discuss this in the CAD CAM section.

The plasma needs a tool library of your cutting tips for each material type and thickness. For example my Fine Cut tips cut 11ga with a kerf of 0.040", pierce height 0.080", pierce delay 0, cut height 0.080", volts 82, speed 60IPM. I usually jog to the start position of a part then do a G92 X0 Y0 then rapid to the start position then touch off Z (floating head with probe switch) then set Z0 with G92 then move to pierce height and fire the torch then after pierce delay move to cut height then cut the part out.

The rectangle array function is a very powerful feature of Native Cam Plasma.

One thing I noticed is the auto refresh keeps checking itself back after I uncheck it. I can't find any place to set auto refresh to off.
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