CAM for 5 axis on linux

04 Dec 2017 07:12 #102650 by thang

Is there any CAM open source software on linux support 5 axis. I was looking for on website and found some software like: simplemultiaxiscam , camvox ... but seem they are incomplete and stopped.
16 Dec 2017 05:28 - 16 Dec 2017 05:30 #103159 by Skullworks
Replied by Skullworks on topic CAM for 5 axis on linux
Not exactly sure what your asking - but if it is if there are any open source 5axis cad/cam programs which run on linux platforms I think that time has not yet come. has a CAD/CAM package named Synergy that is linux based and does support up to 5 axis. Not free in any manner.

Fusion360 will NOT run directly on linux but can generate 5 axis code that can run on LinuxCNC. To see which Fusion360 license you qualify for would determine its cost.
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