What new CAM to learn for writing postprocessors for robots and 5 axis milling

09 Jun 2018 22:28 #112093 by Stephanisk

I have an important choice to make. Up until now i have been working with solidcam ( past 4 years ). I know this program quite well.

Now i want to shift to the use of robots and i need to make a choice for a new cam program and postprocessor building as solidcam is not really the ideal program for this.

What would you guys suggest? I have been looking at Mastercam and than one of their 3rd party programs for robots or Sprutcam, they have a robot module in there.

If someone is proficient in any of these programs and is willing to provide me training in its working, i would be appreciating it very much. I have travelled before for training purposes ( learning how linuxCNC worked in Hungary, it was a very nice experience and we both still work together on projects )


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10 Jun 2018 01:21 #112111 by andypugh
If your CAM can output 5-axis G-code (XYZ AB) in a tool-point-centred coordinate system then t shouldn't matter that the machine making the moves is a robot.

The robot kinematics can be done in LinuxCNC. (So the CAM software doesn't need to know).

So, perhaps you can stick with the software you know.

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