Freecad drawing request for plasma and mill tools.

30 Aug 2021 22:50 #219198 by Grotius

For a new display widget we need a few tool drawings.
I request these drawings to spread the work of building the widget. We already have a c++ and python coders on
this project. At the moment we need the help of a technical drawer.

These tools can be previewed and controlled (5axis) when Lcnc is running a gcode.
These tools will be the replacement for the current Lcnc cone and cilinder previews in the Gremlin screen.
The tools are moved and rotated by a quaternion function.

It would be nice if we have a hyperthem duramax tool, and a milling tool, a laser tool, etc. you name it.
What will be delivered will be adapted to the library, we can include your work and name (if desired) into the github project with a timestamp, licence etc.

If you have any texture's, they can be adapted to the tool. Texture's may be provided in .png or .jpg as long it is compatible
with the freeimage library.
If the plasma tool is on, a flame may become visible, like a textured double-cone.

I have to investegate a tiny thing. Video's are also adaptable. We could integrate a cam section view sooner or later.

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30 Aug 2021 23:48 #219202 by tommylight
Does it have to be FreeCAD?
I will bother my brother a bit, i made a GRBL controlled camera slider with pan, tilt and 120cm of travel for him, so he owes me ! :)
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31 Aug 2021 00:35 #219206 by Grotius
Hi Tom,

If he could pass a stepfile it's ok.

Thanks a lot for helping !

Tell your brother the tool may contain animated shapes. We have to make something very cool !
We can adapt quaternions and textures to invidual shape's already.
Toolref {0,0,0) is the plasma tcp point.


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