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19 Jan 2022 09:12 #232420 by zieluch
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Hi, I have question regarding tool wear and tool compensation. I noticed that when I am using one of my tool I a bit off with dimention accuracy. (When I changed tool cut is correct within digital caliper measurement). I think This operation is called tool compensation. I fund in documentation below page . But I am confused how to use it. I am using linux cnc  2.82 and I do not have  touch off and tool table option but I think replaced with dedicated button tool touch off button.  My question  is if I want to mill circle 20mm diameter and After messurment I getting 19.8 In both direction (X and Y ) how I should use it in order to get correct hole ? I know that I can change tool size in fusion by 0.1 and generate new toolpath but is there any way how I can get this directly in linux. I tried using this tool touch off but this seems to move coordinates for this specific tool but I was not on x0 y0 and I get some wrong offset etc. Can  someone explan how i can use it ?

thanks in advance. 

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09 Feb 2022 19:27 #234411 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic tool compensation
You would need to enable tool compensation in the G-code. The simplest way to do this is to tell the CAM system to do it. By default most CAM systems program the tool centre point, but most can be instructed not to. (ie, tool compensation in the contoller)
Then you would adjust the tool diameter by either editing the tool table, or by using a G10 command in the MDI window.

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