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10 Sep 2015 19:01 #62381 by Micromet
Micromet created the topic: REcommended CAD/CNC Books
As a complete newbie to CNC, can forum members recommend any CAD/CNC books to get. Just so that you know where to pitch these recommendations the following gives you some idea of how much a newbie I am.
1. Linux user from about when Linus Torvold announced it - currently running Mageia 4.
2. Am an experienced amateur workshop person - do scroll-saw, band saw, lathe, milling work etc.
3. Have been a professional software coder in the past - mainly for my work as a climate change scientist around the world - so languages and coding from high level (Visual Basic, Fortran, etc) right down to Assembler and Machine Code do not phase me.
4. Have done hand-drawn 2D and 3D workshop drawings in the past for use by professional workshops
5. Have dabbled with LibreCAD, Blender, Inkscape and some electronic design apps (diylc, Fritzing) and know my way around GIMP.
6. I assemble my own PCs and have modified lathe and milling machines for special purposes.
7. My main use for CAD/CNC will be to transfer decorative patterns to the top surface of my built electric guitars and to advance my scroll-work from 2D to 3D. We are talking maximum few millimetres depth but possibly quite intricate patterning (think Chinese Dragon engravings) and will be at the desktop level of machine size.

But I know nothing about how to create CAD diagrams and link them to CNC machines. Also at this point in time I know nothing about CNC machines. The books don't have to be specifically for Linux - but need to illustrate through examples both the CAD approach and the CNC coding linkage. It's always quicker and easier to use and expand on given examples than try to build from scratch.
10 Sep 2015 19:28 #62384 by andypugh
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I have never read any books on CAD/CAM, so can't directly advise.
But, if you are a software kind of chap, then just reading the G-code guide and thinking about it as a programming language and how you would solve problems with the commands available might be a good start.
10 Sep 2015 21:39 #62401 by JohnPrime
JohnPrime replied the topic: REcommended CAD/CNC Books
Marcus Bowman 'CNC Milling in the Workshop'
Publisher Crowood Press
ISBN 978-1-84797-512-6.
11 Sep 2015 00:11 #62406 by Micromet
Micromet replied the topic: REcommended CAD/CNC Books
Thanks John - have ordered your recommended book as well as:

CNC Programming: Basics & Tutorial Textbook by Michael J Peterson
Inexpensive CNC Projects: build your own CNC machine by Robert J Davis II

The latter 2 just based on rating
I just like books
11 Sep 2015 00:31 #62407 by JohnPrime
JohnPrime replied the topic: REcommended CAD/CNC Books
You're welcome.
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