Missing manuals for 2.7.x

08 Jan 2016 19:30 #68077 by JoeHildreth
JoeHildreth created the topic: Missing manuals for 2.7.x
Hello all,

Perhaps I am overlooking them, but on the website when you click on the PDF manuals for LinuxCNC 2.7, your taken to a web folder where a subfolder for HTML and PDF documents are stored. While getting the PDF documentation, I do not see the English versions of the Integrator and HAL manuals. Are they available somewhere else or is it possible to put links to download the manuals instead of the web folder?

I have finally got some time to play in the shop and will be updating from 2.6.3 to 2.7.x, but wanted to look the manuals over and see the changes beforehand. I realise the upgrade is just change the apt sources and modify the HAL files to remove the RT module for the old probe port, but I figured there were other new additions and changes that I should make myself aware of.

Thanks for your time and patience.

08 Jan 2016 20:22 #68079 by JoeHildreth
JoeHildreth replied the topic: Missing manuals for 2.7.x
Maybe I jumped the gun. Looks like they are all in one manual now. Sorry about the confusion. My 50 year old brain must be drying up.

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