linuxcnc.stat attributes - g5x_index

20 Jun 2016 05:16 #76298 by phillc54
phillc54 created the topic: linuxcnc.stat attributes - g5x_index
There appears to be an error in this document.

Doc states:
(returns string) - currently active coordinate system, G54=0, G55=1 etc.

Should read:
(returns int) - currently active coordinate system, G54=1, G55=2 etc.

I get the same result result from both 2.7.4 and 2.8.0-pre1-1578-gb1fb19c

Cheers, Phill
20 Jun 2016 23:28 #76332 by BigJohnT
BigJohnT replied the topic: linuxcnc.stat attributes - g5x_index
Thank you for the great report including a link this makes my job so much easier. I'll fix that in the morning.

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