Duplicate pin name in man page orient

18 Jan 2018 14:12 #104663 by jo_key
Hi folks!
Reading a orient man page, I had seen mistakes.

HAL USAGE had a duplicate pins:
loadrt orient names=orient
loadrt pid names=orient-pid
net orient-angle motion.spindle-orient-angle orient.angle
net orient-mode motion.spindle-orient-mode orient.mode
net orient-enable motion.spindle-orient orient.enable orient-pid.enable
net spindle-in-pos orient.is-oriented motion.spindle-is-oriented
net spindle-pos ...encoder..position orient.position orient-pid.feedback
net orient-command orient.command orient-pid.command
net spindle-in-pos orient.0.is-oriented => motion.spindle-is-oriented <===========

It can be fixed, so that beginner users didn't allow mistakes

20 Jan 2018 13:05 #104744 by BigJohnT
Thanks for the report, I'll fix both 2.7 and master as both have some typos.

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