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If you have made a tutorial for LinuxCNC, machining or other CNC related tutorials please post them here.

If you have a question about a tutorial please start a new thread so this one stays short and to the point.

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Hello all,

I have created some tutorials aimed at new users of LinuxCNC. You can access the play list by following the following link: Tutorial Playlist

Currently, there are 16 videos in the list and as I add more I will update the table of contents below.

001 - What is NC / CNC?
002 - The LinuxCNC Controller
003 - Downloading LinuxCNC with Linux
004 - Downloading LinuxCNC with Windows
005 - Machine Requirements for LinuxCNC
006 - Installing LinuxCNC v2.7
007 - Updating the LinuxCNC Computer
008 - Stress Testing the LinuxCNC Computer
009 - LinuxCNC I/O Options
010 - LinuxCNC and the Parallel Port
011 - Introduction to Stepper Motors
012 - Stepper Motor Drivers
013 - Linear Motion
014 - Calculating Steps Per Machine Unit (Leadscrew)
015 - Computing Steps per Machine Unit (Rack & Pinion)
016 - Configuring LinuxCNC using Stepconf (Overview)

Joe Hildreth
Webpage: myheap.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/myheap
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My Videos (most form ICH...) are here

all about linuxcnc Freecad Blender3D heekscad/cnc sheetcam Camotics ......
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