error in halui docs

17 Jan 2024 15:35 #290960 by hmnijp
error in halui docs was created by hmnijp
This documentation error has been reported many times, but has not yet been corrected.
I looked at Github, but I couldn’t decide what exactly would be best to fix, in any case, I’ll describe it here again:

In all versions of the documentation the hal pin is named as:
But in the source code halui it is:
That is, in one case “_underline is used, and in the other “-hyphen...

Beginners may not understand why their hal does not work until they look at halshow and notice the real name of the pin there, although it is difficult to notice the difference the first time.

I don’t know what’s better to fix - pin name in source, so that it matches the general style of naming(.brake-is-on,, etc... everywhere "-" hyphen-minus)

or mentions of this in all versions of the documentation...
github man1/halui.1#L56
github halui.adoc#L314

I think those who are smarter can choose the best and fix it ...

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17 Jan 2024 16:01 #290965 by HansU
Replied by HansU on topic error in halui docs

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