Docs -1.1 Apt Sources Configuration Table 1 - Repository Error?

21 Jun 2024 13:20 #303492 by wsmagee
In the html documentation for 2.9, specifically page:
I believe an update is needed.  I am not sure how to suggest an update, and wanted to ensure what I found was indeed a problem.

In the 1.1 Apt Sources Configuration, there is a Table 1, that shows the Repository information for the various Debian versions and kernel type.
It appears the Repository information for the Debian Buster - preempt, has the wrong information.
I was attempting to update from 2.8 to 2.9 and hit a snag on the step where you add the new repository to the synaptic package manager.  It kept saying it was not found/good info.  
I then stumbled across this page: and found that for 2.9 there is not a rtpreempt folder but rather a uspace folder.  So it appears between 2.8 and 2.9 the folder for buster has changed.
I updated my repository information to replace what was in the chart, changing the "base 2.9-rtpreempt" to "2.9-uspace base" and then the synaptic package manager found the repository and I was able to update to 2.9.

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29 Jun 2024 09:04 - 29 Jun 2024 09:06 #304007 by andypugh
The best way to report an error in the docs is to raise an issue at:

But there is no need to do that here, as I just fixed it.

Thanks for the correction.
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