Need help configuring a 5i25 with Gecko G540

09 Jun 2018 01:39 #112038 by ericg

I just installed a Mesa 5i25 card, flashed it for the G540, and commenced configuring PNCConfig, I have got some way in that I can test drive the stepper motors OK, If I leave out any homing I can go to the axis program and also drive the steppers back and forth.

However I am stuck on configuring the limit/home switches, in stepconf I had them set on pin 10 minimum limit + home X, pin 11 for Y and 12 for Z, I am trying to emulate these settings without any luck on I/O 3. I think I have the search direction and velocities correct (maybe not) but when I run it I cannot turn power on because I get Joint 2 limit errors.

Also I have no idea how to get my router to be controlled via pin 14 at 0-5v and 50Hz as the G540 requires.

I'm not sure what info I should provide to assist so some hand holding and guidance would be appreciated

09 Jun 2018 02:23 #112048 by andypugh
It sounds like your limit switches are active-low. Try inverting them in PnCCOnf (check-box in the setup tabs for each input).
09 Jun 2018 03:02 #112050 by ericg
thanks for the quick reply, I have already tried that with and without inverting, swapping them around in different gpio inputs, and nothing seems to make a difference, hence my posts.
I can post whatever files may help, I am just not sure which would be helpful.

(in stepconf I have them all inverted)

09 Jun 2018 03:52 #112052 by AnnoyingMutt
Your hal & ini are a good start
09 Jun 2018 07:27 #112057 by ericg
Of course, here they are.
also I have been fiddling with settings and in stepconf I had all limit switches inversed, if I do that on pncconf I get all joints on limit error, no error if I uncheck the inv box, however I also get no feedback detected from the G540 when a limit is activated, there are other confusing issues which will have to wait.

Thanks for the support

BTW, the hal and ini files are difficult to me to follow.

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09 Jun 2018 14:32 #112071 by PCW
I dont think pncconf has direct g540 support so the assigned 5I25 GPIO pins for the limit switches are wrong

If you use a G540, the inputs are mapped like this:

10 Jun 2018 00:06 #112107 by ericg
Thanks PCW,

I did read that matching, from using --readhmid etc,

but I still do not understand how to match them in the I/O 3 tab.

I have included a screenshot of my I/O 3 tab, perhaps I have not got things quite correct from the start. Should I see numbers like GPIO13?

10 Jun 2018 00:45 #112110 by PCW
I was suggesting theat pncconf doesn't seem to work with that combination so you would have to edit the hal file directly to connect the limit switches in hal
10 Jun 2018 06:41 #112121 by ericg
Thanks Peter,

I needed to change Min X + Home etc for each axis to Home X Home Y etc then hand edit the HAL file to change the GPIO numbers as you indicated.
This is now working in that I can turn the system on, home the axis as per the pncconfig file I created for each axis (when I remembered to switch from mm/s to mm/min) then move and touch off and run a job.

So a big thank you for that.

I would now like to control my spindle by setting the output on pin 14 to switch between 0-5v and 50Hz base PWM freq. (does the 0-5v depend on the PC's bus? mine is 3.3v) and also spindle on

Thanks again for your help.
11 Jun 2018 12:21 #112182 by andypugh
Does your firmware have a PWM module on pin 14?
(I see from your PnCConf screenshot that you asked for it, but I am not clear which pin the PWM appears on. That is fixed by the firmware, and can be read from the --readhmid data.
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