Need help configuring a 5i25 with Gecko G540

11 Jun 2018 17:40 #112207 by PCW
AFAIK the Gecko G540 spindle interface output voltage is isolated and does not depend on the interface signal levels, it depends on the externally supplied spindle analog power (and the PWM duty cycle)

And yes, the g540 configuration had a PWM generator on pin 14:
IO Connections for P3
Pin#  I/O   Pri. func    Sec. func       Chan      Pin func        Pin Dir

 1      0   IOPort       None
14      1   IOPort       PWMGen           0        PWM             (Out)
 2      2   IOPort       StepGen          0        Step            (Out)
15      3   IOPort       None
 3      4   IOPort       StepGen          0        Dir             (Out)
16      5   IOPort       StepGen          4        Step            (Out)
 4      6   IOPort       StepGen          1        Step            (Out)
17      7   IOPort       None
 5      8   IOPort       StepGen          1        Dir             (Out)
 6      9   IOPort       StepGen          2        Step            (Out)
 7     10   IOPort       StepGen          2        Dir             (Out)
 8     11   IOPort       StepGen          3        Step            (Out)
 9     12   IOPort       StepGen          3        Dir             (Out)
10     13   IOPort       QCount           0        Quad-A          (In)
11     14   IOPort       QCount           0        Quad-B          (In)
12     15   IOPort       QCount           0        Quad-IDX        (In)
13     16   IOPort       None
16 Jun 2018 00:01 #112450 by ericg
Hi and thanks all for the support, I have got almost everything sorted out now and I have my xhc-hb04 pendant mostly working with the exception of the probe-z function.

Probe-z is actually working but the feedrate of F25 in the o100 call is erratic and very slow, if I bump up the feedrate to say F250 then it works perfectly albeit to fast.

The Feedrate of F25 using the original parallel port config works well.

I have looked at the configs of both and just do not see where the issue is, whether it is velocity and acceleration, scaling or what, I'm not able to see it. I don't think it has anything to do with mm/s vs mm/min.

If someone could look at the files and hopefully see what may be the problem, I would appreciate it.

16 Jun 2018 00:54 #112451 by ericg
Forget above post.

I must have had a gremlin in the system.
I backed up the .hal and .ini files, re-did the PncConf wizard, comparded the sets of files and could find nothing wrong.
I removed the new .hal/.ini files renamed the old ones back to original.

Now everything works as expected including probe-z

21 Nov 2018 08:38 #121107 by falke398
do you mind posting your ini and hal?
I am trying to setup the exact same thing.
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