Error „pin „halui.spindle.forward“ does not exist“ with PnCConf and LinuxCNC 2.8

06 Oct 2018 10:37 #118490 by decor82

i am really new to LinuxCNC and get a error when I try to start LinuxCNC with a config from PnCConf.

I am using a Mesa 7I76e Card and while I build the config with PnCConf I can move all 3 axis. But after I complete the wizard, I get the error, „pin „halui.spindle.forward“ does not exist“.

The LinuxCNC version is 2.8 from the buildbot repository.

I read something about halui.spindle.N.forward but I am not experienced enough to know what to do now.

Hope someone can point me to the right direction.

Best regards,
06 Oct 2018 21:22 #118499 by cmorley
There was some work pushed into master lately regarding spindles.
I would bet this is the cause of your error.

I'll do some looking.

Chris M
06 Oct 2018 21:30 #118501 by cmorley
Yes you are right.
anywhere you find something like:
change it to:

Hopefully this will be fixed in Master soon.
Chris M
06 Oct 2018 22:18 #118506 by cmorley
We have pushed a fix into master for this problem.
Please update your linuxcnc version. (or manually fix the names as shown before)

Chris M
07 Oct 2018 10:07 #118511 by decor82
Thanks for the advice.

Changed halui.spindle.forward to halui.spindle.0.forward and all the other halui.spindle pins and the problem is solved. :)
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