Mesa 7I73 Encoder Input Scale

06 Jan 2019 10:19 #123594 by Skippy1

I'm currently configuring a Mesa 7I73 card for a lathe control panel. I'm using a typical 100PPR hand pulse encoder connect to ENC0 on the P2 connector for axis jogging, and two Grayhill rotary optical encoders connected to ENC1 and ENC2 for manual override of the spindle speed and axis feed. The Grayhill encoders are only 24PPR, so they are relatively slow to change the speed/feed, and I am wondering if it is possible to edit part of the config or hal files to change the scale of these inputs?

Cheers, Steve.
06 Jan 2019 20:54 #123638 by andypugh
Assuming that you are using halui, try changing the values allocated to pins halui.spindle-overide.scale and halui.feed-override.scale
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07 Jan 2019 01:40 #123662 by Skippy1
Thanks very much Andy,

Worked perfectly, and even better, it was easy and made perfect sense!

Cheers, Steve.
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