Creating Subroutines for ngcgui

06 Jun 2011 10:58 - 06 Jun 2011 10:59 #10338 by BigJohnT
To create a subroutine for ngcgui name the file the same as the subroutine is named. Format the sub as shown in this example. The subroutine must be contained within the sub/endsub except for the comment on the first line.

(info: simp -- simple subroutine example)
o<simp> sub
#<ra> = #1 (=.6 Radius A) ;Example parm with comment
#<radius_b> = #2 (=0.4) ;Example parm with no comment
#<endx> = #3 (End X) ;Example with no preset
G3 i#<ra> F10
G3 i-#<radius_b> F100
G0 X#<endx>
o<simp> endsub

Complete usage instructions from ngcgui.tcl are in the attached file.


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