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17 Sep 2013 05:48 #38910 by hahn_rossman
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I mentioned earlier about an edit to add the offset for the probe. Here it is. I added so,me comments where I think they belong. I'm a complete rookie at Linux, so if there are any suggestions about how I went about this I'd love to hear them. Thanks again for making this widget it's really great!
Hahn Rossman

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17 Sep 2013 17:52 #38931 by Rick G
Replied by Rick G on topic Probe for corner
That looks good. Nice addition. I do not use tool length compensation with my R8 holders so the Z was not developed.
Glad to hear it is of use to you.
I do plan on cleaning up the original and making it easier to read.

Rick G
21 Jun 2014 20:59 #48166 by pippin88
Replied by pippin88 on topic Probe for corner
Thanks heaps for this code Rick and hr!

I've just spent the evening tweaking it and getting to behave a bit better for the Z probing (just run in simulation in a VM so far, very handy to be able to do that).

I've written a bit of a guide on my site:
The full code is on that page.
22 Jun 2014 15:29 #48177 by Rick G
Replied by Rick G on topic Probe for corner
Glad to hear it was of some help to you.

Rick G
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