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04 Feb 2018 21:36 - 04 Feb 2018 21:37 #105418 by russkinch
Peck turning was created by russkinch
I was wondering if this code would work. Basically I have taken a fantastic code written on here and trying to make the rough turn increase in 1.5mm steps with a half second dwell until it reaches the z end distance,
#<peck> = 1.5
  o110 repeat[#<rough-passes>]
  #1 = [#1 - #<rough-cut>]
    o220 repeat[#<peck>]
    G01 Z#<peck> F#<rough-feed>
    G04 P500
    o330 if
    X[#1 + #<rough-cut> + 0.025]
    G0 Z#<z-start>
    o330 end if
    o220 endrepeat
    o440 if
   G0 = z#<z-start>
o440 endif
o110 endrepeat

Please let me know if this makes sense or if I have just destroyed an already good god. Someone suggested a G73 which does work but will not allow the tool to move away from the part on returning to z-start
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08 Feb 2018 13:33 #105568 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic Peck turning
I am curious what this is for?
13 Feb 2018 21:29 #105838 by robh
Replied by robh on topic Peck turning
was you trying to do this fancy new turning you see on Swiss machines... but now seeing it come to main stream lathes too? i see it get named alot of different names.. ie like the citizen video below..

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