using the o conditional statement " if"

08 Mar 2018 14:29 - 08 Mar 2018 14:32 #107116 by jensor
I haven't been able to nest the conditional "if" command such as:

o100 IF [#5 EQ 12]
o200 IF [#8 EQ 1]
o200 ENDIF
o100 ENDIF

Is it possible to nest conditionals?
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08 Mar 2018 16:31 #107119 by andypugh
Yes, it is possible and your code ought to work.

What error do you see?
10 Mar 2018 22:38 #107201 by jensor
My mistake Error was: bad '[' character used

Sorry, But thanks for your response.
13 Mar 2018 21:35 #107300 by andypugh
Does it say what line the error is on?
14 Mar 2018 10:51 #107340 by jensor
Pretty obvious for the error now isn't it.

[X#2/2] Y[#2/2]

Seems like it is so difficult to spot programming errors.
14 Mar 2018 11:01 #107341 by andypugh
I was really just checking that the problem was solved. I had assumed that it was, but on re-reading the post it wasn't 100% clear.
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