I'm having trouble calling a subroutine from a separate file.

13 Feb 2019 22:32 #126404 by andypugh

bondglen wrote: Ok, got it back to where I was originally.
No, the path is still good.
There seems to be some sort of critical requirements for the %.

This seems to be a bug in 2.8 / master (if you are not using 2.8 / master then ignore this)

If a subroutine has % at the beginning and end _and_ the loaded G-code file has % at the beginning and end then there is a problem.
If either or both use M2 instead then there is no problem. (probably)

13 Feb 2019 23:10 #126417 by Grotius
I was looking yesterday if it could be a github issue, trough the hidden files. Problably not.
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