Subroutine macros for using tool setter

21 Nov 2020 20:26 #190006 by Mayberry Customs
I posted this in my general build thread, but came here hoping for a response. Here is the post copied from my build thread. Thanks, Andy

I messed with the tool setter some tonight. I found another thread referencing tool-length-probe.ngc example that comes with Linux and how to implement it by manually adding it to code for auto tool changes. So i used these two sections of code and added two macros in Gmoccapy. One called reference and the other tool change. Here is what they look like

O<reference> sub
g90 g49
(measure reference tool)
g30 (above switch)
g38.2 z-4.00 f15 (measure)
g91 g0z.2 (off the switch)
#1000=#5063 (save reference tool length)
(print,reference length is #1000)
g90 (done)
O<reference> endsub

O<tool_change> sub
(measure next tool)
g30 (above switch)
g49 (measure without the last tool's offset)
g38.2 z-4.00 f15 (measure)
g91 g0 z.2 (off the switch)
g43.1 z[#5063-#1000] (set new tool offset)
(print,new length is #5063)
g90 (done)
O<tool_change> endsub

So to test this i homed the machine, touched off all axis to 0 with a dial indicator zeroed in this position, and run the reference macro which seems to function. I can go back to zero on all axis and it comes back to zero on the dial indicator. So all seems good so far. then when i change the height of the tool i run the tool change macro and it seems to hit the probe at the same position so its not a false trigger, but when i come back to my indicator the offset is all wrong. Anybody have any ideas? One thing i was thinking was, do i need to do a "tool change" via the tool change button in gmoccapy. Im thinking this may be the issue, in a program you would call another tool before running the tool change code. While testing I did not use the "tool change" function between the two macros. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy

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