NGCGUI - How to increase font size in gtk entry box

15 May 2021 23:07 #208998 by HalaszAttila

i works on retrofit a rotary table bandsaw cnc machine, and the programming is done in NGCGUI.
In the gmoccapy i implement a NGCGUI. Now i want to increase the entry box font size, to the operater better see the parameter values. The ngcgui is now looks like this:

I succeeded to increasethe parameter number, and the parameter comment font size.
But the entrybox value not.
The parameter comment font size i increased in file: pyngcgui.ui, adding Helvetica 18 to selected row on photo:

The parameter number "somehow" I increased in file file adding the selected row on photo:

But the most important, the entry box font value, i dont know how to increase.
Can someone help me please?

Best regards,

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