vismach gui not refreshing

14 Jan 2012 15:15 #16765 by dab77
Hi all, i wrote my vismach gui, but it doesn't refresh.
I've net the pins, and checked netting works.
As I start emc2 the window with the picture is drawn, and line points net to hal_pins are drawn at 0, of course.
But then on hal-pins changing drawing doesn't change.

Do you know why?

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Thanks, Davide.
16 Jan 2012 23:11 - 16 Jan 2012 23:13 #16830 by dab77
Replied by dab77 on topic vismach gui not refreshing
I've token a part of code from as an example.
now i've got this working:

Walls and position of object are set by hal_pin

Ciao, Davide.
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14 Jul 2017 18:29 #95798 by Hobietime
Hello Davide.

I am trying to do something similar, but I do not see how to change the size of the lines with halrotate() or haltranslate(). Did you add a scale function?

17 Jul 2017 12:04 #95883 by dab77
Replied by dab77 on topic vismach gui not refreshing
Hi, a lot of time has passed. I can't remember what i did and cannot easily find the files i used. I'm sorry. Wish can help you as soon as i can.
17 Jul 2017 16:13 #95918 by Hobietime
No problem. The python interface looks quite easy to extend, just wanted to make sure I wasn't needlessly starting from scratch.

17 Jul 2017 17:11 #95931 by jstoquica

Try to compare with operational GUI (python) configuration files. Some HAL connection may be without properly variable or function.

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