Hal Gremlin with bug

25 Mar 2014 23:37 #45239 by newbynobi
newbynobi created the topic: Hal Gremlin with bug
If you insert in gcode


gremlin will raise an keyboard interrupt error.

This should only hide the preview from displaying.
It is working with axis, but non of the GUI using hal_gremlin.

I am not able to find a way to repair that, is there someone able to help?

26 Mar 2014 00:16 #45243 by ArcEye
ArcEye replied the topic: Hal Gremlin with bug

Whilst I am unsure if Gremlin ever worked with preview excluding comments, something has changed in it in the last few months.

I now have the opposite problem, I recently revisited a Qt GUI I wrote with a gremlin widget embedded in it.
Since switching to a recent pull of the master, it does not display the plot at all, until you run the gcode.

The method of passing the ini file name also changed and only explicitly setting the environment variable seems to work now.

However probably nothing to do with your problem

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