Change from axis to gmoccapy

25 Jul 2016 19:17 #78013 by newbynobi
vre, here it is ;)

Lets see if cncbasher does the same.

I can not test, because I do not have the hardware.
Try to start the config, if that work (it should)
try next to enable the custom.hal file in the INI
see if there is an error, seems to load a custom comp, which I do not have.
If that works too, than add all the command from the custom_postgui.hal file to gmoccapy_postgui.hal or vice versa (check INI , as not both should be active)

Last step would be to connect the spindle feedback bar and the spindle at speed LED in the postgui hal file with the corresponding vfd pins.

please see also the embedded tab location in the INI, I introduced two lines, one commented out.
Put in in the location you like more.


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