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20 Apr 2016 16:57 - 20 Apr 2016 16:59 #73652 by terkaa
terkaa created the topic: Gscreen GladeVCP
I an trying to create custom ATC control panel with Glade. I am using Gscreen. Creation of panel is done and panel halsignals are visible with halcmd show pin gladevcp. Panel is embedded in Notebook_main. But now I am trying to tie gladevcp pins with my atc inputs. How do I implement this with Gscreen? I tried using postgui.hal but that seems to work only with axis. (And it did I tried it) But since that does not work with Gscreen what does?
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20 Apr 2016 17:07 #73654 by terkaa
terkaa replied the topic: Gscreen GladeVCP

Got it with option -H postgui.hal it seems to work.

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