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07 Aug 2017 20:35 #97127 by fixer
Gremlin for lathe was created by fixer
Hello community,

I did some changes in gremlin preview for lathes. I want to share my work, so I am just going to leave it here for now.
It shows extents on X axis from zero to min and from zero to max in diameter values when started in lathe mode.
What do you think? I find it better that way.

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12 Aug 2017 14:12 #97376 by newbynobi
Replied by newbynobi on topic Gremlin for lathe
I like that, maybe someone can inkude this change to master.
You changed also the gmoccapy part, imho it is a good idea to place the gremlin button on the side, being in fullsize view. Did you add code, to react correctly to the hal vertical button?

13 Aug 2017 05:16 #97403 by fixer
Replied by fixer on topic Gremlin for lathe
yes, the vertical buttons react just like horizontal to hal pins. Your code is very very good and clean, so this was easy to do. You did really good job there with gmoccapy.

I need to look at Hazzy's gremlin, if its class is compatible with original gremlin I will apply the same change there. It has a nice feature to have preview generated in another thread, so the whole thing doesnt freeze when you load a large NC program.
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