Touch screen and conversational control options?

23 Nov 2017 19:51 #102271 by Ross77
Not sure if this is the right section but I'm looking for the best option for a touch screen UI with conversational input. pretty much like Path pilot but without all the setup issues. If there is such a thing?

Its for use on a lathe and I will be using Mesa 5i25 and 7i76 cards.
24 Nov 2017 00:08 #102280 by cmorley
Not having used pilotpath I don't exactly know what makes it so appealing.
Does adding the 'Nativecams' project to one of the stock screens get close?
Also Andiy's lathe macros:

If the stock option in linuxcnc don't fit the bill then one would need to build what one likes.
Gscreen is a screen building infrastructure (The sample screens in linuxcnc are just that samples)
but it takes quite an investment in time.

i am currently working on a qt base screen system that i hope to add some build in macros but thats i biit off yet.

Chris M
29 Nov 2017 00:30 #102462 by Ross77
Thanks Chris,

I have been reading up on Gscreen so will probably give that a try when my touch screen arrives. Im a little confused on how to install it, do I just change the ini file settings as per the wiki and then it works? Where can I find the lathe option?

Sorry for all the questions but new to linux and still getting grips with it. I'm using the latest wheezy 2.7.11 RPTI . is that the best one for a lathe with touch screen and mesa cards? thanks

Lastly will the lathe macros work in Gscreen?
06 Dec 2017 16:58 #102723 by andypugh

Ross77 wrote: Lastly will the lathe macros work in Gscreen?


You might need to unhide the "run cycle" button, as I don't think that G-screen has the code that tells an embedded tab that it has the focus.

With Touchy I use this to run the macros using the same "cycle start" button as is used by the Auto tab to start G-code or the MDI tab to run the MDI command.
06 Dec 2017 22:52 #102734 by Ross77
Ok I will give it a try. I've been playing around with Gmoccapy and quite like it so may stick that for a while until I get more familiar with customizing. Ive seen the lathe macros in that Gui so hoping its easy to install.

I tried the macros in axis and couldn't get them to work. displayed fine and changed the values but when I press go I get an error message.
07 Dec 2017 16:56 #102749 by newbynobi
You may want to use gmoccapy, it is made for the use of touch screens and does support lathes and embedded tabs.

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