Python interface program pause code ?

06 Mar 2018 11:19 - 06 Mar 2018 11:28 #107023 by bladekel
Hello friends,
I'm trying design a custom UI for emc.
My problem is I couldnt pause the running program.
I used ;

import linuxcnc
c = linuxcnc.command()

...code but when I run this code, terminal shows me "Can't switch mode while mode is AUTO and interpreter is not IDLE" message.

How can I pause my running program, can you explain it ?
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06 Mar 2018 13:58 #107034 by andypugh
That seems to be exactly what the Axis GUI does

Maybe the"magic" is the ensure_mode function?
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07 Mar 2018 08:42 #107069 by bladekel
Thanks bro. Like you said, everything works good ....
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