Standalone electronic leadscrew (gearbox) mode for lathe

21 Jan 2020 01:39 #155289 by ttt
This is an example of how to configure LinuxCNC to operate as a pure electronic leadscrew (or gearbox) for a lathe, without any CNC function.

Background: While I do some CNC machining with my converted lathe it turns out that in 95% of my uses cases I prefer using my lathe in classic manual mode, especially for quick projects. Until recently I used a custom solution to use my Z-axis stepper and spindle encoder to behave like an electronic leadscrew. While there have been requests to supply examples on how to do this in LinuxCNC I have never seen a working example.

The example consists of a standalone .hal file with a QtVcp based panel and supporting python code and is available here:

Hardware used:

- 7i96 Mesa board
- Clone/fake E6B2-CWZ6C Omron encoder
- Two generic DM680T stepper drivers for Z and X axis
- Two Nema 23 stepper to drive Z and X axis

Not sure how interesting this is for anyone here, but I thought I should at least post about it in case someone searches for a solution/hints. Questions are welcome.
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21 Jan 2020 03:01 #155293 by J Green
Hi ttt
A very big thank you for sharing all of your efforts an the results.

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