Which distro for GladeVCP?

07 Apr 2016 16:31 - 07 Apr 2016 16:32 #72920 by Amedee
Amedee created the topic: Which distro for GladeVCP?
I am running LinuxCNC/Axis on Debian Jessie.

I wanted to make a panel with glade, and I realized the Debian version is to recent for GTK2 compatibility. All may machines are Debian and they dropped GTK2 compatibility a long time ago.

So my question is: which (preferably light) distro still provides glade-gtk2? I have seen in the forum that Mint would have it, but can somebody confirm it is still true for the latest version?
(Don't want to do trial and error if somebody already knows ;) )

My plan would be to make a small VM just to run glade.
(Or could just do PyVCP for what I need right now, but glade looks much nicer...)

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07 Apr 2016 19:25 - 07 Apr 2016 19:35 #72926 by cncnoob1979
cncnoob1979 replied the topic: Which distro for GladeVCP?

With Linux mint 17.3 Mate desktop you can install it. Not a problem that is the distro I am currently running.



Here is the deb you can install: launchpadlibrarian.net/183748899/glade-g....5-0ubuntu1_i386.deb
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