GladeVCP text string with HAL pin

18 Jun 2016 16:16 #76266 by terkaa
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I am working this ATC panel for my project. I was wondering if there is a way to pass a text string from HAL component to GladeVCP or as a second option to use passed HAL pin numeric value as a selector for text string within GladeVCP. I would like to use ATC step no as a selector to show a text string telling what ATC is actually waiting for ie. "if(step == 2 ) Text_box_string="Waiting for arm vertical position" What would be best solution for this?

21 Jun 2016 21:21 #76369 by newbynobi
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You may want to use gmoccapy user messages to show the infk text and do the selection of the 'show' hal pi with a hal component like mux

22 Jun 2016 04:12 #76391 by terkaa
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Thank you for suggestion but this is not what I am looking for. Could this be done with Python in I was thinking of case structure like:


case 1:
message.label.text = "Waiting for user input"
case 2:
message.label.text = "Waiting for shotpin out"

case 31:
message.label.text = "Waiting for enable to go out"

My skills with Python are total 0 so I would need an example that I could modify to suit my needs.

22 Jun 2016 06:25 #76397 by newbynobi
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Hallo Tero,

yes, that can be done.
Just make a "user_tab" with a label, embed that one on a position of your choice and set the text with python.
But I do not have a sample for that. You could look on the python file sim/gmoccapy/gmoccapy_plasma/
That one creates hal pin and does handle also widgets to show internal values.

23 Jun 2016 20:00 - 23 Jun 2016 21:00 #76513 by terkaa
terkaa replied the topic: GladeVCP text string with HAL pin
OK, here it is:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding:UTF-8 -*-

import hal
import hal_glib
import gtk

step_strings = {
'0': 'home magazine',
'1': 'waiting at start jog is enabled',
'2': 'Request next tool from magazine',
'3': 'Wait for magazine',
'4': 'Magazine hand unlock',
'5': 'Check hand unlock rotate arm horizontal to grip tool',
'6': 'Check arm horizontal & Magazine hand lock',
'7': 'Check arm locked & arm_advance',
'8': 'Check arm advanced & arm vertical',
'9': 'Check arm is vertical & arm retract',
'10': 'Check arm is retracted & orient spindle',
'11': 'Check spindle is orient & arm to spindle',
'12': 'Check arm is at spindle & arm horizontal',
'13': 'Check arm is horizontal & tool unclamp',
'14': 'Check tool is unclamped & arm advance',
'15': 'Check arm is advance & arm 180 deg pin',
'16': 'Check arm 180 deg pin is in & arm 180 degs',
'17': 'Check arm is vertical & 180 deg pin out',
'18': 'Check 180 deg pin is out & arm vertical',
'19': 'Check arm is retracted & tool clamp',
'20': 'Check tool clamp & spindle hand unlock',
'21': 'Check spindle hand unlock && arm vertical',
'22': 'Check arm vertical',
'23': 'Check arm vertical && spindle hand lock',
'24': 'Check hand is locked & arm to magazine',
'25': 'Check arm is at magazine & Spindle orient off',
'26': 'Check Orient off & magazine shotpin out',
'27': 'Check magazine shotpin out & rotate magazine',
'28': 'Wait for magazine',
'29': 'Check magazine shotpin and advance arm',
'30': 'Check arm advance & arm horizontal',
'31': 'Check arm horizontal & arm retract',
'32': 'Check arm retract & unlock hand',
'33': 'Check unlock & arm vertical',
'34': 'Check arm vertical & reset atc',
'35': 'Wait for enable to go out',
'100': 'Homing',
'101': 'Jog',
'102': 'Jog return'

class AtcClass:

def __init__(self, halcomp, builder, useropts):
self.builder = builder
self.halcomp = halcomp
self.lbl_status = self.builder.get_object("status_label")
#self.lbl_atc_step = self.builder.get_object("hal_atc_step_no")
#self.lbl_current_tool = self.builder.get_object("hal_current_tool")

def _on_destroy(self, obj, data = None):

def on_hal_current_tool_hal_pin_changed(self, widget, data = None):
print("eee %s" % (widget.get_label()));
text_file = open("last_tool.sav", "w")
text_file.write("Last Tool: %s" % (widget.get_label()))

def on_hal_atc_step_no_hal_pin_changed(self, widget, data = None):
step_label = step_strings.get(widget.get_label(), "none")

def get_handlers(halcomp, builder, useropts):
return[AtcClass(halcomp, builder, useropts)]

Seems to work also has ability to save number of tool on spindle for recovering after power down.

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