So.... how do you actually get the editor for GladeVCP

27 Jul 2017 01:19 #96521 by photomankc
I tried to follow the documentation and met this:
sudo apt-get install glade-gtk2
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package glade-gtk2

I found an installer for Glade but that seems to be something else so I may have now messed up and pulled in a horde of software I did not need. Since the instructions are not working from step one here I'm a bit lost on how to begin?
27 Jul 2017 02:12 #96523 by Todd Zuercher
The instructions for adding the Glade editor I'm sure are old and outdated and obsolete. The editor is installed automacially with the Linuxcnc-dev package since the 2.6 release. (I think) I know I've never had to take any special steps to install it. Open it by clicking on the on the Programming sub menu in the main desktop menu.
27 Jul 2017 02:17 #96524 by Todd Zuercher
All of this may depend on which distro you are using. Some newer releases, have dependency issues with the version of the Glade Editor that is required for Linuxcnc's widget set.
27 Jul 2017 21:02 #96603 by photomankc
Ahhh. I'll take a look there and see. Hopefully I didn't stomp all over it when I installed the big "glade" package. I may end up sticking with my PyVCP panel since I have had good results from it, but I wanted to at least check out GladeVCP and see if it was worth messing with.

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