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I am new in LInuxcnc.

I have written and tested code which mills a basin cutout and then draining grooves. There is a .ngc file for each different type of basin. The machine operator now opens the file for the required basin and then has to edit the following parameters on the file before the code may be run:
1. Basin File = (to open a specific file for the required basin)
2. Stone TH = (the code uses this to determine the milling depth)
3. Basin Centre X = (to change start position machining)
4. Basin Centre Y = (to find start position machining)
5. GRV Qty R = (to indicate how many grooves to be milled to the right of the basin)
6. GRV Qty L = (to indicate how many grooves to be milled to the right of the basin)
7. GAP = (Distance between basins - also, if entered code will know that there are 2 basin holes to be milled)

I need to to make it simple for my CNC machine operators to run the code without having to edit the file first and then saving it as "New Name" by adding Inputs on my Axis Interface for the above which will then replace the parameter values in the G code file.

Please can anyone assist with instructions or suggest good simple articles on this subject
05 Oct 2018 12:39 #118472 by andypugh
Which user interface?

The "Touchy" interface supports macros with prompts:

But it might be better to make a custom input screen. Something like these:
You can have a picture with entry boxes, then pass the numbers to your G-code subroutines.

(With Python code embedded in the custom screen you can then, for example, allow direct entry of corner coordinates, and have the centre / width update and vice-versa)
22 Oct 2018 19:54 #119216 by newbynobi
Gmoccapy do also support macros with parameters, which will be ask one by one through dialog windows.
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