How to auto run a program, wait till complete then do something else

21 Mar 2021 00:21 #203068 by Willheg
Hi hansu,

That seams interesting but I am unsure how I would implement this in my situation, as at the moment u have made a loop like newbynobi suggested that works ok except once I click the glade button I have to focus on the axis window to allow the key press "s" to get thought once I hit the "M0" to continue the program, I tried a resume button in glade but that ended in going nowhere as the loop freezes glade until it hits interp IDLE state before running the rest of my code to avoid errors.

I did find some things on keybindings from gscreen but tried last night to get that to work, but I am unable to get gtk.gtd keypress to read anything, as i think because I'm only using a side bar version at the moment it trips out on where the mouse is and wont do what I like.

I guess I'll keep playing and researching and see if I can find something that works, or I may just have to put up with the quirk and just move the mouse once I have clicked the button to carry on as I like.

I hope to one day make a one screen setup for how I work and what I use/do, so maybe then I can get it to work properly. My issue is I am not a programmer by any means so this is all trile, error and see how it goes. I am happy with where I'm at, it's just I'd like to fine tune it to make it work how I feel it should.

Anyway thanks for all the information and pointers

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21 Mar 2021 07:16 #203083 by newbynobi
What about posting your code and explain in detail what you want to archive.


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21 Mar 2021 08:12 #203085 by Willheg
Thanks Norbert.

Is it better copies of the code, or actual files of what I have come up with?

It might be hard to follow as like I said I'm no programmer but I've got it working to a point where I am happy, it just me getting my head around what to code and how if possible.

Anyway it's late here now so I will attach or copy what is required here tomorrow and se where it leads.

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