GladeVCP and key behavior

24 Dec 2023 09:50 #288979 by Jasper 3
Hey community,

first of all wish all of you a Merry Chrismast. 

Second is a problem I have with the GladeVCP and the axis screen. It occures when I have selected the gladepanel (after I enter values or have pressed a button).
Now when I jog the axis it didn't stop when i release the key. (Example arror right for x+ --> even when I release the key the axis didn't stop moving. When I hit another key it will stop).
That problem is only when the GladeVCP is selected. When click with my mouse on the original axis screen again, everything is back to normal.

I already read the abstract in the GladeVCP - that there can be a problem with the keyboard. But there was no solution.
Maybe some else has also this problem?

best regards

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20 Jan 2024 10:55 #291183 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic GladeVCP and key behavior
Deciding what UI element captures the keyboard events is a bit of a headache. What you seem to be seeing is the GkadeVCP panel getting the key-down event but not seeing the key-up.
I don't know any fixes, but a workaround is to only use incremental rather than continuous jogs.

Is there any indication that the GladeVCP window is losing focus when the problem occurs? Does clicking the mouse back on the GladeVCP window before releasing the key circumvent the problem? (I am suggesting this as a diagnostic, not a practical solution)

My own opinion is that keyboard jogging is inherently dangerous and should be discouraged. This is for the sorts of reasons that you are seeing (and even when working properly UI latency can come into play).
If there is any way to add jogwheels or a jog pendant (maybe even a cheap USB game controller) then your experience is likely to be more satisfactory.

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