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15 Mar 2017 03:52 #89645 by tjamscad
My wife is taking an international business class and has a project that requires her to contact people that live and work out of the US.

Here are the questions she needs answered.
1. What do you think is the most difficult challenge for U.S. businesses that want to do business in your country?

2. What advice or suggestions do you have for American businesses that want to do business in your country?

Please provide name and contact email.
24 Mar 2017 01:51 #90170 by tommylight
1 Distance of 8000 miles two flights in one direction, talking to the wrong people here tends to mess 90 of foreign investment, a smal dose of corruption ( not even close to some other states that are now in EU ), unqualified work force ( again it is way beter than India or Pakistan or 70 % of countries ), lazyness.
2 Find the right people to talk to, not politicians or municipal workers, there are people here who can get almost anything done by law and awoiding the above mentioned pitfals, there are a lot of highly educated people just have to know where to look at as they tend to be less public figures, the infrastructure is geting much beter and over 60% of roads are highways ( smal country so that should be easy, just now working on the highway to my city ), also per capita the highest IQ in the region till lately since smart phones are making people dummer.
All in all, it is very easy to start a business here and run it, i know people from US who own their businesses here and especialy from Germany, Switzerland and Austria and Turkey.

Sorry for the late reply, i am in Kosovo, soon to be in EU.
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