Integrated Systems Europe

01 Feb 2019 21:32 #125500 by Grotius
In Holland, next week, exhibition in Rai Amsterdam.

Free ticket :

Linuxcnc users, 32 or 64 bit, here you go :

The fastest German protocoll on the world until now.

You will be faster in I/O ww then :
- Russia and America toghether.....
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02 Feb 2019 14:36 #125537 by pl7i92
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Nice fare but more for industial users then Hobbyist
04 Feb 2019 00:11 - 04 Feb 2019 01:19 #125624 by Grotius
Replied by Grotius on topic Integrated Systems Europe
I know this one is going to speech, but there are more speecher's around.

Michio Kaku,

It would be nice, if he see's me and he asked me... Hey you are the guy from linux....
But that would be problebly not going to happen. B)

If you are Hobby man, i think you must go. Because you know, behind your knowledge they have done
32 and 64 bit linuxcnc on ethercat. Even Beckhoff is suprised. It's brand new.
So keep in mind. We are the trend setters.....

So my bet's are for c coding. Let's do it fast and smart and see what happens...
First of all. Let's be quicker then America and Russia toghether. That German brand is the fastest protocoll.
I think America and Russia is far behind scedule of military tactic's. We can't do a space missle war. I think they cannot do an online missle system. It would be to dangerous for the world.

But first of all i like chopin and after that i like to move :

The German protocol has no Stuxnet inside. It has maybe not inside. Attached code could be such a code.
Look at the code, oww i hate python code.. But anyway, it's a powerfull code expression.
This short code can grafic's your intire hal connnection in a big picture.

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04 Feb 2019 16:59 #125670 by tommylight
Michio Kaku deserves a lot of respect for a lot of things, but mostly for not letting other "theoretical .........whatever" getting away with all kinds of BS.
More and more and more ........................ :)
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