FS: Mesa card, Pico amps, Keling motors, Jogwheels

25 Apr 2016 11:39 - 27 Apr 2016 08:33 #73837 by awallin
  • mesa card and jogwheels - sold
  • keling motors, pico drives, 48VDC supplies - sold

Hi all,
Due to lack of time for this hobby I am selling parts that I planned to use on a lathe project.

If you are interested in multiple items make me an offer and I will estimate shipping based on where you are.
I am in Helsinki Finland (that's in Europe!).
Direct bank-transfer preferred within europe, but paypal is possible also.

The forum does not allow posting of many links, so all images are on one page:

Anders W
(anders.e.e.wallin "at" gmail.com, or post below, or private message)

Mesa 6I68 PCI-E with Mesa 3X20 FPGA card.
including 6pcs 4ft ribbon cables and 3pcs DIY BOBs
100 euros or best offer.
Light and easy to ship worldwide.

Jogwheels, TWO, with quadrature A/B/Z outputs.
Model Euchner HKD100V100A05
old-school model, a bit larger (esp. behind the panel) than more modern ones.

Large brushless servo wtih resolver.
Baumuller DSG 56-M 1.75kW 3000rpm 13A 7Nm, with 24VDC brake, resolver
100 euros or best offer
very heavy to ship

Bonmet servodrive. Intended for Baumuller servo but not tested. 1-phase 230VAC input.
Bonmet SA3L10B, including fine-pitch data connector
100euros or best offer.

Pico systems PWM amplifiers, TWO. "Pico-Systems AC servo amp, rev B, 2007"
Both are mounted to a common heatsink.
100 euros for both, or best offer.
easy to ship without the heatsink.

48VDC 350W powersupplies for 115-230VAC input. suitable for the servo drives. TWO.
bought from ebay, model "MW S-350-48"
50 euros for both, or best offer

Keling NEMA 23 brushless servo motors, TWO.
Model Keling KL23BLS-115, with encoder CUI AMT102
50euros for both, or best offer
quite heavy to ship.
Link: www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/produc...or/kl23bls-series-11
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26 Apr 2016 17:24 - 02 May 2016 19:25 #73924 by awallin
also for sale through auction:

Small 0.37 kW VFD Siemens Micromaster 420

input: 1-phase 230VAC
output: 3-phase 0-650Hz
max motor power 0.37 kW

international shipping 30 euros.
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01 May 2016 18:24 #74109 by awallin
Large Baumuller servo and Bonmet servo drive now on ebay:


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