LinuxCNC wizard needed for a not so typical machine program/UI

31 Jul 2017 01:57 #96713 by blazini36
I'm finishing up a prototype of a machine I'm looking to run on LinuxCNC. I've used Linux for years but the intricacies of LinuxCNC and HAL are beyond me so I need help. I'm using a Mesa 7I76e and I have the axis, limits, and encoder working in axis UI. Typical LinuxCNC UI's are not suitable for what I'm trying to do and I'll need to get a few functions implemented as well. I have a friend helping me but I think the learning curve of all this is a bit much but I think I might be able to just delegate putting a UI together in glade to him and hopefully have somebody on here setup all the functionality. The PC running it is setup with LMDE2 and a newer RT patched Kernel.

Basically the Machine consists of 1 or 2 stepper driven axis independent of each other. Each axis carries a USB3.0 camera with a GPIO trigger that needs to be triggered based off an input pulse from a PNP sensor. That trigger needs an adjustable delay through the UI. There is a 600ppr encoder mounted to a roller to measure the speed of the material running under the camera. UI set positions for the camera trolley axis get stored and run in sequence. The UI is basically a touchscreen display for the camera with controls for the camera and axis.

More details on all of this if anyone is interested. Probably a good project for anyone looking for a challenge and make a little coin.
31 Jul 2017 23:18 #96800 by andypugh
You could try starting with the GScreen UI and editing it. It was built with that in mind.
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06 Aug 2017 18:49 #97074 by blazini36
I gave that a go, trying to compile Linuxcnc on my desktop for sim wound up with a make error that I can't get around. I just don't have a good enough understanding of hal or python right now to accomplish what I'm looking to do.
06 Aug 2017 21:46 #97081 by andypugh
You shouldn't need to compile anything.
You should be able to just edit the G-screen GUI with Glade. (and a liveCD install probably has Glade in the "Developer" menu)
The Gscreen GUIs are in /usr/share/gscreen/skins
(You can open them from there, but will probably need to save them into your user file area)
18 Aug 2017 21:40 #97723 by blazini36
I actually made a reasonably decent GUI with some functionality. Still looking for someone to help with programming though.
19 Aug 2017 16:20 #97745 by andypugh
If you haven't had any takers to do the whole project then all I can suggest is asking specific questions here.

You could potentially try something like: but I don't know useful they are (I have never tried it)
20 Aug 2017 23:39 #97802 by blazini36
I have been asking questions but I think I would pollute the forum with all the questions I have. I actually did hop on and found a Python guy that seems to want to take on the project cuz it sounds interesting (cheap!). I figured I would have the best luck on here because of having to tie python, hal, glade, linuxcnc all together is sort of a niche thing. I just kind of had this idea to build this machine. I didn't realize software was going to be the biggest hurdle.
01 Nov 2017 07:17 #101101 by newbynobi
Can you post here, what you already have?
I can take a look and help and / or guide you through the rest.

Best choice is to make the code available with github, so there would be the possibility to work with several people on that.
I am also interested, because I may use the camera solution too for a specific solution, but far away from you application (shouting and target control of moved targets)

02 Nov 2017 02:52 #101176 by blazini36

As I mentioned in the previous post I after not having any luck on here I actually wound up hiring a programmer to work on this for me. I actually have a working program for everything described in the first post and it's far beyond what I'd be able to do even with help, the python file itself is at 1000 lines as it is with custom HAL components as well. The GUI I designed myself. I don't know how much help I would have received by posting it to Github as the program as a whole very specific to my machine. Right now we're working on a sub GUI for configuring the machine without having to go into Python and C files all over the place,

Unfortunately the whole thing was designed with somewhat of a commercial interest in mind, so distributing it is probably not in my best interest. I wouldn't be totally opposed to breaking off a piece of the code and distributing that but I'm afraid that since it would have to release under GNU GPL that it would suck the whole program into that licence since this program uses the part of the program that I released under GPL. I'm not a software designer so I have a limited understanding how all of that works. Trying to avoid causing myself a problem right now since it's all still being worked on.

What specifically were you looking to try to use in your application?
02 Nov 2017 13:15 #101190 by andypugh

blazini36 wrote: I actually wound up hiring a programmer to work on this for me
custom HAL components as well.

Sounds like you might have got lucky with the programmer you hired if he got in to making HAL components too.
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